The Digital Negative Workshop, First Edition, eBook


This ebook is a companion to The Platinum Printing Workshop. It provides a simple system for calibrating high quality digital negatives using QuadToneRIP (QTR) and standard Epson inks.

Using this system it is possible to calibrate your digital negatives with just two test prints. This saves enormous amounts of time and money compared to other digital negative systems.

Included in the download are six files:

  • The PDF ebook
  • Two test charts designed for this system – a 21 Step Digital Test Chart and a 101 Step Digital Test Chart
  • A template QTR profile – tested with an Epson 3880 but should also work with a 3800

Please note that:

  • This ebook is free – sorry but I do not provide any technical support
  • QTR does not support every Epson printer – please check the QTR compatibility web page
  • In principle this system should work with the newer P600 and P800 printers, but I have seen reports of QTR problems with these so expect difficulties if you are using on of the newer Epson printers
  • The QTR installation instructions provided are for MacOS/OSX

This book contains nudity.