Smart Power Controller (internal)


The Light Counter system is a specialist light measurement and control system designed for photographers and printers who use ultraviolet-based processes such as platinum/palladium, cyanotype, and carbon.

The smart power controller is connected between the mains supply and the light source. It switches on the supply to the light source when the exposure is started, and switches it off again when the exposure is completed (or paused).

WARNING: This version is a “bare bones” configuration for mounting inside a light unit. It should only be installed by a competent electrician because mis-installation exposes you to the risk of mains electric shock. It is rated for a maximum load of 5A at 240Vac. (A version rated for 10A loads is also available on special order.)

What’s in the box:

  • Power Controller
  • Control Cable (connects to the light integrator)

This device requires a light integrator: LC4 light integrator.