LC3+ Light Integrator Kit


The Light Counter system from Ian Leake Studio is a specialist light measurement and control system designed for photographers and printers who use ultraviolet-based processes such as platinum/palladium, cyanotype and gum.

The light integrator is the heart of the system. It contains a microcontroller which continuously measures light detected by an attached sensor, and it uses these measurements to determine the correct exposure time.

This kit contains the new LC3+ light integrator which features a 4.3″ touch sensitive display, 8 exposure presets, 4 programs, and support for up to 4 sensors.

What’s in the box:

  • LC3+ Light Integrator
  • Second Generation UV Sensor (factory calibrated) and cable
  • Multi-region Power Supply (North America, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia and China)

Please note: Kit sensors have a 365nm filter attached (the black glass in the picture). If you would like to change to a broadband UV filter or a visible light sensor then please contact me before ordering.

I also recommend the Power Controller which increases accuracy and convenience by automatically switching your light source.

Available on back-order