LC2 Light Integrator


The Light Counter system from Ian Leake Studio is a specialist light measurement and control system designed for photographers and printers who use ultraviolet-based processes such as platinum/palladium, cyanotype and gum.

The light integrator is the heart of the system. It contains a microcontroller which continuously measures light detected by an attached sensor, and it uses these measurements to determine the correct exposure time.

What’s in the box:

  • LC2 Light Integrator
  • USB-A to USB-B power cable

This is a standalone device: it requires a sensor to work. It is powered from a standard USB power supply. A USB power supply is not included in the kit because you most probably have one already, and if not, they will always be cheaper for you to buy locally.

I also recommend the Power Controller which increases accuracy and convenience by automatically switching your light source.

If you are starting out, then I strongly recommend buying a kit.

For more information, please see this blog post announcement, which includes a link to the system manual.


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