Light Controller LC2 System

LC2 Light Integrator
LC2 UV Sensor
LC2 Visible Light Sensor
LC2 Temperature Sensor
LC2 Power Controller
LC2 Data Logger


The Light Counter LC2 from Ian Leake Studio is a specialist light integrator designed for photographers and printers who use ultraviolet-based processes such as platinum/palladium, cyanotype and gum. It allows photographers to make accurate and consistent UV exposures when printing.

The Light Counter LC2 system can control exposures from 1 second to 8 hours long.

It also has an automatic calibration process that ensures your exposures are consistent even if you move or realign the sensor.

The sensor is optimised for iron-based historic processes such as platinum/palladium printing.

All of this works simply and quickly, with a strong emphasis on ease of use.

Choosing A Kit

The Light Counter LC2 system can be configured in a variety of different ways depending on the specific needs of the photographer.

The basic configuration has a central light integrator (the master computer) and a single UV sensor. It can be scaled upwards by adding a temperature sensor (for monitoring the internal temperature of your light box), a power controller (for automatically switching your lights on and off when needed), and a data logger (for recording all light and temperature measurements for further analysis). For people who use visible light processes, for example silver gelatin, there is also a visible light sensor (accurate for exposures above 3-5 seconds).

The system is available as individual devices and sensors or pre-configured kits. The kits are:

  • UV Light – the basic kit for any photographer working with ultraviolet-based exposures
  • UV Light and Temperature – the kit for photographers who want to monitor the temperature inside their lightbox during exposures
  • UV Light, Temperature and Data – the kit for photographers who want to monitor, record and analyse the light levels and temperature inside their lightbox during exposures
  • Visible Light – the basic kit for photographers working with long visible light exposures (longer than 3-5 seconds)

The optional Power Controller increases accuracy and convenience by switching the light source on and off at the correct times.

Devices and sensors can also be purchased separately.


Warranty and Returns

All Light Counter LC2 kits, devices, and sensors are covered by a global repair-or-replace warranty. If a component fails within a year of delivery, then just ship it back to me and I will repair or replace the item free of charge.

Need Help?

If you want any help or advice, then please contact me using the email address at the bottom of this page.