Print of the Month Offers

This is a cost effective way to build your photography collection. Here’s how it works.

Each month I publish a ‘print of the month’ offer, which is usually from a new limited edition. Print #1 of the edition I keep for myself, so prints sold under this scheme will normally start at print number 2/24 and be capped at 24/24 (at which point the edition is closed).

While on offer, these prints are available with a significant discount from my normal price:

  • Everyone qualifies for a 30% discount
  • … and my newsletter subscribers qualify for an additional 10%
  • … and collectors who have already purchased one of my prints qualify for a further 10%

These discounts are cumulative so potentially the print is available for up to 50% lower than my normal price. The only catch is that you must buy the print during the specified month.

Here are some previous prints of the month:

Olga #2
(Platinotype from an 8″x10″ Negative)
View from Hofstetten
(Platinotype from an 8″x10″ Negative)
(platinum/palladium print from an 8″x10″ Negative)
Honey and Ruby
(Platinotype from an 8″x10″ Negative)
(Platinotype from an 8″x10″ Negative)