Price List

I sell my art in four formats:

  1. Limited edition platinum prints (platinotypes)
  2. Portfolios of limited edition platinum prints, each carefully curated around a common theme
  3. Open edition pigment-on-paper folios
  4. Self-published books

Prices for each format are given below.

Limited Edition Platinum Prints

I make all of my platinotypes in limited editions of twenty four prints plus up to three ‘hors de commerce’ copies (see Editioning Policy for more information). These are my finest and most exclusive photographs, and are most suitable for displaying framed on your wall or as part of your photography collection.

Prices depend upon the print size and progress through the edition.

Print Size1 Price2
Limited edition platinum print from an 11″x14″ negative Starts at $1,290
Limited edition platinum print from an 8″x10″ negative Starts at $790
Limited edition platinum print from a 4″x5″ negative Starts at $390
  1. The image size of prints made from film negatives varies depending upon the specific photograph. Please contact me for the precise sizes of these prints. Pigment-on-paper prints can be made to order in varying sizes.
  2. Prices exclude applicable taxes and shipping.

Please note that I regularly review my print pricing, and reserve the right to adjust all prices without notice.

Portfolios of Limited Edition Platinum Prints

These portfolios are carefully curated collections of six to nine limited edition platinum prints on the same theme. They are most suitable for photography collections. Each portfolio is supplied in a collector’s portfolio box. Portfolio pricing is based upon the price of the prints with a 20% discount applied.

Open Edition Folios

My folios are collections of smaller pigment-on-paper prints. They are designed for people who want to enjoy my photography but are not yet ready to invest in platinum prints.

Each folio print is made on 150mm x 205mm glossy paper, with an image size that fits a within about 125mm x 190mm. I sell my folios in open editions.


I have published two books of photographs: Nudes and Jazz. Further information about these, including previews and pricing can be found by clicking on the links.

I have also published two technical books: The Platinum Printing Workshop and The Digital Negative Workshop.