Editioning Policy

I make my platinum prints in limited editions of twenty four prints plus up to three ‘hors de commerce’ copies.

Limited Edition Prints

I identify my limited edition prints as follows:

  • The title and edition number are immediately below the image, on the left (e.g. “Knotted Up 3/24”)
  • My signature is immediately below the image, on the right
  • Along the bottom edge of the paper I record:
    • The printing process and negative identifier on the left
      (e.g. “Warm-tone Platinotype from 080324-11-A”)
    • The print’s unique print identifier on the right
      (e.g. “23/5/2017 #4”)

I provide a signed certificate of authenticity with all limited edition prints.

I reserve the right to change my interpretation of an image during the edition. This means that prints made later in the edition may look different, sometimes substantially different, from a print made early in the edition.

The edition limit applies to prints of a particular size. By default this is the size of the negative, with the image cropped as appropriate for the specific composition. I reserve the right to make future limited editions of these photographs at a substantially different size. By “substantially different” I mean at least twice (or half) the original size.

Hors de Commerce Prints

In addition to the twenty four limited edition prints, I may make up to three ‘hors de commerce’ prints, for example as commercial proofs, for exhibitions, or as gifts. These are not for sale. I identify hors de commerce prints by writing “H/C” where the edition number would otherwise be (i.e. next to the title under the image).

Work Prints and Artist’s Proofs

Finding the best treatment for a particular negative is often a bit of an exploration, during which I may try different printing parameters, crops and other experiments. I often make quite a few work prints as I explore. These may be be beautiful prints in themselves, but for a variety of reasons none of them are ‘just right’ for the edition.

Normally I glue work prints into a scrapbook for future reference or destroy them. However sometimes I may keep them in my personal collection as artist’s proofs. These are clearly identified by writing “A/P” next to the title. I do not sign artist’s proofs, nor are they for sale.

Prints Made Before 2016

Prints I made before 2016 may not have followed the conventions described above. Please contact me for further information.