The Platinum Printing Workshop, Third Edition (printed and ebook)

The Platinum Printing Workshop is my book on how to make platinum/palladium prints. I published the third edition earlier this year.

Originally I intended the third edition to be an ebook only. However, enough people wanted a printed version that I decided to publish one of these too.

Initially I expected this to be a simple reformatting exercise, but then I started making changes… and more changes… and even more changes. In the end I have completely re-written the chapters on the developing-out process, added a whole new section on optimising film negatives, and made numerous smaller improvements. While this is still officially the third edition, in many ways it is actually the third-and-a-half edition.

I am pleased to announce that this new and updated third edition is now available in print and ebook formats.

You can purchase a printed copy here:

  • CreateSpace – Please buy from here if you can because then Amazon passes on more of your money to me, which means that I can buy more film and more platinum!
  • Amazon

You can purchase the updated ebook direct from my website here.

I will give a copy of the updated ebook to everyone who bought the original third edition ebook. If this includes you, and you have not yet received my email, then please reach out so I can organise this for you.