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In LensWork 119 Huntington Witherill discussed the explosion in the number of photographs being made since the advent of digital cameras, and he asked if this is good for photography as an artistic medium. At what point will the number of pictures being taken become so overwhelming that the medium, itself, will be summarily dismissed as…

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Emotion and Intellect

“More people bring their emotions to an image than bring their intellect.” ~ Amanda Tomlin Last week I discovered Looking Glass, a new journal of film-based photography. The quote above is from an article in issue 3. I like this quote because it perfectly explains why art that only appeals to the intellect will never…

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Technically Flawless Photographs

At the moment I am reading Dick Stevens’ excellent book, Kallitype: The Processes And The History. I’m fascinated by the way photographic history repeats itself: Some felt that contemporary printmaking had been simplified till little remained but “slavish following of recipes.” After 1880 complaints abound about newer films and papers that offered few creative possibilities…

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