David Chow RIP

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The platinum/palladium printing community is quite small – perhaps 500 committed printers worldwide* and only a handful in Europe. I was very sad to hear that we have lost one…

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Making Art Requires Choices

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Making art is in many ways a journey of self examination through which we discover what is really important to us. During our journey we frequently find alternative paths to…

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What Matters?

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Last weekend I visited a friend, collector and photographer. We talked about many things, but in various different ways we kept coming back to the question, “What matters?” I had…

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Making ‘Pure’ Platinum Prints

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21/01/2018: Today I recovered this blog post from an old database. Please note that I have not edited it, so it reflects my understanding of this topic in 2012. It…

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What We Knew Then; and What We Know Now

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Recently I’ve been reading some of the original sources for platinum printing. It’s fascinating to compare what we know and do today with what photographers knew and did back in…

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