Newsletter: September 2017

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Olga #2: A platinotype made by the artist from an original 8″x10″ in-camera negative. Limited edition of 24 prints. This is my September print of the month offer. Find out more…

Newsletter – For Collectors
Paris Photo
Are you going to Paris Photo this year? Would you like to see some of my prints? If so, then please let me know (just reply to this email). I will be visiting Paris from the 9th to 11th November. It would be great to meet up with you, view some prints over a civilised Parisian coffee, and talk about photography.
Newsletter – For Photographers

Private Tuition

I have some open spaces for platinum printing tuition. A one or two day private workshop with me will accelerate your learning, and help you to develop your printing skills with confidence. By teaching one-to-one we can work at your pace and cover the topics that you need to know.

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The Platinum Printing Workshop

My book, The Platinum Printing Workshop, is now in its third edition.

The Platinum Printing Workshop is the only book that covers everything you need to know about platinum/palladium printing: the printing processes, the necessary chemistry, making film negatives, and all sorts of advanced and historical techniques. And I’ve written it in a style that is friendly and readable, so you don’t need a degree in sensitometry or chemistry in order to understand it.

Here’s some feedback from readers of the third edition:

“I have read a lot over the past year on this process and I found your book the easiest to understand and it certainly covered all aspects of the process.”

~ Babak

“I particularly enjoyed the section on the chemistry of the process as no book I have read has explained this.”

~ Mark

If you’ve not yet bought your copy, you can get the downloadable ebook direct from my website here or a printed version from CreateSpace or Amazon.

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