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Olga #1: A platinotype made by the artist from an original 8″x10″ in-camera negative. Limited edition of 24 prints. This is my September print of the month offer. Find out more…

Newsletter – For Collectors

Becoming a Photographer

I’ve owned a camera since I was 11 years old. Right from the start I had a good eye, inherited from my artist mother, but it took me a long time to become a photographer. That happened when I discovered Charlie Waite.

One day, sheltering from the rain in my local bookshop, I picked up a copy of Charlie Waite’s The Making of Landscape Photographs. This slim volume wasn’t particularly imposing, but it had an intriguing cover picture: bare trees in a stony field, clear blue sky overhead, and snowy mountains in the far distance. Obviously this wasn’t just a picture of something interesting found by chance (like most of mine were at that time).

Inside I found page after page of extraordinary photographs. All were different, but they shared a consistent style, and all of them had super-precise composition. That’s when I realised that a photograph could be ‘made’ not ‘taken’ – and could be an artistic statement not just a record of something seen.

And that’s when I became a photographer.

That rainy day was almost twenty years ago now. But the lesson I learned about photography has stayed fresh. And I still have Charlie’s book on my bookshelf.

My print of the month for October is Olga #1. This is a great example of a photograph ‘made’ not ‘taken’. The picture looks quite simple, but I waited for years to find just the right model and just at the right moment to make this. It’s a platinum print made from an 8″x10″ in-camera negative. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Paris Photo
Are you going to Paris Photo this year? Would you like to see some of my prints? If so, then please let me know (just reply to this email). I will be visiting Paris from the 9th to 11th November. It would be great to meet up with you, view some prints over a civilised Parisian coffee, and talk about photography.

Newsletter – For Photographers

The Platinum Printing Workshop

I’m very pleased that my book on platinum/palladium printing continues to be well received:

First, and foremost, thank you for writing The Platinum Printing Workshop—it’s written in a style that I find a pleasure to read, with just the right amount of information for a curious mind. With a balance of technical information and practical advice, it has been an invaluable tool for me as I’m learning platinum/palladium printing.

~ Daniel

It’s currently running at #21 in Amazon’s ‘Darkroom & Processing’ category. That’s pretty good considering 15 of their top 20 are books about digital editing and have nothing whatsoever do with the darkroom.

If you’ve not yet bought your copy, you can get the downloadable ebook direct from my website here or a printed version from CreateSpace or Amazon.

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Private Tuition

Last month I spent an enjoyable weekend teaching platinum/ palladium printing.

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A one or two day private workshop with me will accelerate your learning, and help you to develop your printing skills with confidence. The one-to-one format means that we can work at your pace and cover the topics that you need to know.

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