Newsletter: January 2017

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Sunrise: A platinotype made by the artist. Limited edition of 24 prints. This is my January print of the month offer. Find out more…

Newsletter – For Collectors

A dear friend of mine has synaesthesia, a condition in which your senses overlap so that you can see sounds and where words have colours. In 2007, or thereabouts, we had a conversation that left me with a question: is it possible to photograph music? This question has fascinated me ever since.

A few years later, in 2011, I found myself in Switzerland – in Basel to be specific. Two things immediately struck me: firstly there were graffiti all around me, and secondly these graffiti were much more interesting and creative than most of the stuff I was used to seeing in London.

I started making photos of the graffiti I found. When I showed these to my wife she said, “These look like jazz.” Unwittingly she had answered my question: yes it is possible to photograph music, or at least it is possible to show music in photographs.

And so this project was born.

Since 2011 I have created five ‘Jazz’ folios, each exploring a separate theme. This month’s print of the month offer is from Folio Five: Equivalents.

Newsletter – For Photographers

I have just published a small book about making your own ferric oxalate. This explains how to make ferric oxalate using the Pizzighelli method, and also a series of analytical tests that you can use to verify its quality.

Manufacturing Ferric Oxalate is available as an ebook from my website here.

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