Newsletter: December 2017

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Natasha and Olga #1
Natasha and Olga #1
Platinotype from an 8″x10″ Negative

Natasha and Olga #1 A platinotype made by the artist from an original 8″x10″ in-camera negative. Limited edition of 24 prints. This is my December print of the month offer. Find out more…

Newsletter – For Collectors

Finding Beauty

Finding Beauty

Beauty is greatly undervalued in the modern world. Or perhaps it’s better to say that our relationship with beauty has become simplistic: it’s become a relationship dominated by sex and money. We seem to have lost the awareness that beauty is deeper, wider and more meaningful than that.

My personal relationship with beauty started with Edward Weston’s photographs. For me, his work signifies the relentless pursuit of perfection and beauty. His best photographs are perfect: flawless productions in which every element reveals something about the subject. And they are beautiful to look at. Faces, shells, women, sand dunes, or of course peppers: Weston’s photographs brought out their inner beauty.

Weston encouraged me to seek beauty. As I have explored it, my understanding and appreciation of beauty has grown.

A beautiful photograph on my wall is like a magical doorway. On this side is our mundane world of deadlines, stress, and ‘to do’ lists. But on the other side, if I’m receptive, I can find a tranquil place where I’m free to relax, contemplate life, and breathe unhindered by all the noise around me.

My print of the month for December is Olga and Natasha #1, which is one of my favourite photographs from recent work. It is a platinum print made from an in-camera 8″x10″ negative.

Paris Photo
I really enjoyed meeting so many people in Paris last month. It was great to share prints and talk about photography.

Thank you!

Newsletter – For Photographers

Making Ferric Oxalate

Last week I published a small ebook about making ferric oxalate for platinum/palladium printing. In it I describe how to make your own ferric oxalate using the Pizzighelli method, and how to test it using analytical chemistry.

Very little has been published about reliable testing of ferric oxalate. For me this is a critical part of manufacture because it is the only way to understand exactly what’s in it. I’m very pleased to be able to bring this to you.

Manufacturing Ferric Oxalate is available from my website (here).

Platinum Printing for Christmas

Why not give a someone you love the gift of platinum printing. My book, The Platinum Printing Workshop, is available in paper format from Amazon (here) and in ebook format from my website (here). I also teach one-to-one workshops that help accelerate your learning and printing skills (here).