NEW: LC4 Light Counter

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The new Light Counter LC4 is here! The LC4 has the same software as the LC3+ but brings some hardware design improvements.

Light Counter LC4

The big change is removing the old 2.5mm jack plug that was used to connect the power controller. This is replaced by two more USB-style connectors, so now you can connect up to six peripheral devices including more than one power controller. I have also updated the Standard and Professional Power Controllers to use USB-style connectors (and made them slightly smaller at the same time).

This change means that the old-style power controllers will not work with the LC4 without an adapter – but I will give a free adapter to anyone who upgrades their LC2, LC3 or LC3+ devices if they already have an old-style power controller.

The LC4 also has a louder buzzer and an improved precision clock which ensures very long timed exposures are even more accurate (typically to within one second over 30 minutes). There are a number of other hardware improvements, but these are all out of sight “under the hood”.

I am confident that the LC4 is the best UV light integrator available on the market. And I’m still able to keep the price to a fraction of other devices.

Please contact me for further information.

I’m building my next batch of light integrators, and they will start shipping next week.