New LC3+ Light Integrator

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I have developed new firmware for my Light Counter LC3 light integrators. This brings significant new capabilities, enhancements and support for new devices. There are so many improvements that I’m calling this the LC3+.

Here is a short video overview:

New capabilities:

  • Programs – which are series exposures for test stripes, exposure bracketing, digital negative calibration, and dodging and burning
  • Visible light mode – so you can now use this device for silver gelatin as well as UV-based processes
  • Upgradable firmware – so future software enhancements and be installed into your existing light integrator

Some of the bigger enhancements:

  • Improved presets – now all presets can be configured as units, time or manual exposures
  • Manual calibration – to better support sun printers
  • Dark mode – to make the display easier to read in a darkroom

New devices:

  • Broadband UV sensor – suitable for any UV process (existing LC3s do not need to be upgraded to use this)
  • Visible light sensor – for non-UV processes such as silver gelatin (existing LC3s must be upgraded to us this device)
  • Data logger – records exposure information to an SD card for analysis in a spreadsheet. Also used for installing firmware upgrades (existing LC3s must be upgraded to us this device)
  • Remote control – a remote on/off switch and exposure display that can be used to start/stop exposures (existing LC3s must be upgraded to us this device)

I have LC3+ light integrators in stock now, and I can usually ship orders within 24 hours.

Existing LC3 devices can be upgraded (they will need to be returned to me in Switzerland). Please contact me for details.