June 2016 Newsletter

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Three things to cover this month:


I’m very pleased with the response to my new book: Nudes.

At the end of June I will withdraw the “book and platinum print” offer. The print on offer, Nicola, is now selling for $400 on its own, so the book offer of $299 is a significant discount. I will continue to offer signed copies of the book, and also the “book and pigment-on-paper print” offer.

More details are here.

Ian Leake – Nudes – Cover


My Website

Last month I upgraded my website to create integrate the galleries and prints I have for sale. Now every artwork I am offering for sale is shown, along with an easy way to order. Hopefully this makes the site more consistent and easier to navigate. I’d love to hear what you think about this.



Before moving to Switzerland I enjoyed teaching occasional one-to-one workshops. I stopped these when I moved, partly because I was concentrating on my book (The Platinum Printing Workshop) and partly because of the logistics of moving my family, home and darkroom meant I had other priorities.

I’m now sufficiently settled to be able to offer workshops again. Initially I am concentrating on photography with large format cameras and an introduction to platinum/palladium printing.

My workshops are designed around your specific needs. They can last one, two or three days during which we will cover the basics such as negatives (film or digital), paper selection and preparation, print exposure and wet processing. You will learn through making prints – as many as time permits. However, we will also find the time for portfolio, technique and aesthetic discussions.

Further information is on my website here (or just reply to this email).



That’s it from me this month. I would love to hear from you, so if you have any questions or comments then just reply to this email.

My old newsletters are archived here.