For Sale: Epson Printers and PiezoDN Kit

*** For Sale ***

Epson 3800, Epson 3880, PiezoDN cartridges and ink, Epson cartridges and ink. I’ve decided to sell my Epson printers and related things, namely:

  • Epson Stylus Pro 3880 – This is about 3 years old and in reasonable working condition. Most recently it’s been loaded with PiezoDN inks for digital negatives. Two of the cartridges don’t have a perfect seal, but they’re OK for printing. A handful of magenta nozzles are blocked but not enough to notice in a print
  • Epson Stylus Pro 3800 – This is perhaps 6 years old, and is fairly battered. I removed most of the star wheels a while ago. The magenta feed is partially blocked, but was still OK for non-critical colour prints. Perhaps best thought of as sold ‘for parts’ or refurbishment. This is currently loaded with Epson inks
  • Nine PiezoDN cartridges with cleaning fluid installed (partially full), plus a bottle of cleaning fluid which has perhaps 50-100ml remaining
  • Nine partially full PiezoDN ink bottles, each with perhaps 40-50ml ink remaining
  • PiezoDN cartridge filling system of syringes, needles, etc
  • Nineteen partially full Epson cartridges, mostly with their chips removed
  • Two unused Epson cartridges T5804 Yellow and T5801 Photo Black
  • Two unused maintenance cartridges T5820

There is way too much to ship, so this is a local pick-up only from Basel Switzerland. I’m asking for 350 Euro for the lot. If you’re interested, then please email me at the address that’s at the bottom of this page.

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