David Chow RIP

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The platinum/palladium printing community is quite small – perhaps 500 committed printers worldwide* and only a handful in Europe. I was very sad to hear that we have lost one of our rising starts, my friend David Chow, who died just before the new year.

David started his photography career making exquisite cyanotypes of flowers. I first met him when he was switching to platinum/palladium prints and learning the joys (and frustrations) of this fabulous medium. David worked very hard to master platinum/palladium printing and then to launch his own printing studio (DC Editions).

I remember sitting with David in the National Portrait Gallery as he showed me the prints he was making for Ian Rankin. They were wonderful. His multi-printing technique produced remarkable results.

Some of his work is on his website (http://www.dceditions.com), and it can also be found in various back issues of Silvershotz, Ag, and other publications.

I will miss David. The world is worse off for his untimely passing.

* I believe the estimate of 500 committed platinum/palladium printers originated with Bostick and Sullivan