Another Project Update

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I'm making good progress with my spectrum analyser project. Here are a couple of photos that show my first hardware build. I still have a few iterations of the PCB…

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My Latest Project

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Prototype Spectrum Analyser This is the hardware prototype for my latest project, a spectrum analyser. My goal is to build a device that can work as a light meter for…

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NEW: LC4 Light Counter
Light Counter LC4 (front)

NEW: LC4 Light Counter

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The new Light Counter LC4 is here! The LC4 has the same software as the LC3+ but brings some hardware design improvements. Light Counter LC4 The big change is removing…

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Here’s the Heart of my LC3+

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Here's the circuit board that is at the heart of my LC3+ light integrator. LC3+ Light Integrator PCB Long ago I lost count of how many hours I invested in…

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LC3 Light Integrators are back in stock

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Today I finished assembling my next batch of LC3 light integrators. I will start shipping backlog orders tomorrow, and new orders straight afterwards. I've taken the opportunity to incorporate some…

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LC3 User Manual is Now Online

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The user manual for my new LC3 Light Integrator is now online here: LC3 Light Integrator I will update this periodically to fill any gaps, so please let me…

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Coming up for air…

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I'm coming up for air after a busy few months. Since launching my Light Counter LC2 UV light integrator system, I have been rushed off my feet responding to customers'…

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About the LC2 Ultraviolet Sensor

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When I designed my Light Counter LC2 system, I wanted to use the best possible sensor for platinum/palladium printing. Achieving this turned out to be quite difficult. Here's why.

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Announcing my new Light Counter LC2 System

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For much of the past year I have been developing a light integrator system for platinum printing and other historic processes. Initially this was a darkroom project for my own…

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