Announcing my LC3 Light Integrator

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I have received a lot of great feedback from happy customers since I launched my Light Counter system last year.

Here’s some:

  • “It works really well”
  • “Thank you so much for designing such a useful tool for print makers”
  • “I’ve been printing a lot with it and it’s very precise”
  • “I’m very much enjoying your device”
  • “The integrator is amazing”

But naturally people also wanted more. Some people wanted presets, some people wanted a bigger display, and some people wanted more sensors.

So here’s more!

I’m pleased to announce that my next generation of light integrator is ready for launch.

My new Light Counter LC3 light integrator has a big 4.3″ touch sensitive display: no more buttons, just touch the screen like you do with your phone. It can control up to 4 sensors so you can monitor exposure across the full print area. You can store up to 8 exposure presets, so your most common exposures are easily accessible with just a couple of touches. There are numerous other improvements designed to make this the most user-friendly UV light integrator available.

This is state of the art.

My New LC3 Light Integrator

I’ve also improved the UV sensors. These now use a custom-designed circuit that I have optimised for the system. These new sensors are smaller, more precise, and factory calibrated so that all sensors match each other (this is a major problem with off-the-shelf components).

Backwards compatibility is an important principle for my devices, so I’m pleased to say that the new system will work with the old sensors*, and the old sensors will with the new system (albeit without the new features). Also, if you’ve bought a power controller for your old system, then it will happily work with the new one.

Best of all, even though I’ve packed in more capabilities than any comparable device, I’ve still managed to keep the price far lower than the $1000+ you see with commercial units.

My new LC3 light integrator is priced at just $399 for the basic kit which consists of the light integrator, one UV sensor, a power supply, and all the necessary cables.

I am currently accepting pre-orders, and plan to start shipping to customers before the end of June.

Here is a link to the ordering pages:

One last thing: as a thank you to my existing customers, I am offering a $100 discount for all upgraders. Please reach out to me for details.

* The Mark 1 UV sensor and temperature sensor work with the new system. I have withdrawn the visible light sensor which is no longer supported. I have also withdrawn the data logger which is no longer supported