In LensWork 119 Huntington Witherill discussed the explosion in the number of photographs being made since the advent of digital cameras, and he asked if this is good for photography as an artistic medium. He wrote: “At what point will the…Continue Reading →

Testing a UV Light Meter

It is not necessary to use a UV light meter for platinum/palladium printing. After all, generations of printers have made excellent prints without one. But when I saw that is selling reasonably priced UV light meters I couldn’t resist buying…Continue Reading →

An Enjoyable Diversion

While I’m waiting for my new 20″x24″ print washer to arrive, I have been working on some new prints, and here is one of them. It is a POP Palladiotype made from an 14″x11″ negative, printed on Herschel paper. It…Continue Reading →


This is a palladiotype work print that I’ve been exploring over the weekend. I made it using the Malde-Ware printing-out process, but with some added Potassium Dichromate in the sensitiser to increase contrast. The tones are a pleasing neutral grey….Continue Reading →

Printing with POP

This week I’ve been working in my darkroom making a batch of platinum/palladium prints using the printing-out process. The negatives I’m using were originally intended for use with the traditional (developing-out) process. Translating them to the new process has been…Continue Reading →

My Book is Finally Published!

Finally, I have completed my book: The Platinum Printing Workshop (second edition). This has taken me four years and I sometimes thought I’d never finish. But now I have. The printed version is available immediately through my CreateSpace eStore (here)….Continue Reading →

Available Early July

I am waiting for the final proof copy of The Platinum Printing Workshop to arrive. So all being well it will be available on Amazon and elsewhere in early July. Here is some more information: