Available Early July

I am waiting for the final proof copy of The Platinum Printing Workshop to arrive. So all being well it will be available on Amazon and elsewhere in early July. Here is some more information: http://ianleake.com/the-platinum-printing-workshop/

Brain Pickings: Art

I enjoy Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings blog (brainpickings.org). She writes longer articles than is normal in the blogosphere, and this allows her to explore topics in much greater depth. Today I re-read an older article on the topic: What is…Continue Reading →

Emotion and Intellect

“More people bring their emotions to an image than bring their intellect.” ~ Amanda Tomlin Last week I discovered Looking Glass, a new journal of film-based photography. The quote above is from an article in issue 3. I like this…Continue Reading →

Technically Flawless Photographs

At the moment I am reading Dick Stevens’ excellent book, Kallitype: The Processes And The History. I’m fascinated by the way photographic history repeats itself: Some felt that contemporary printmaking had been simplified till little remained but “slavish following of…Continue Reading →

Kallitypes for Proof Prints

I believe that I should make proof prints from every negative. The reason is simple: even if the developed negative doesn’t look good, there must have been something in the composition that made me want to make the picture, and…Continue Reading →

David Chow

The platinum/palladium printing community is quite small – perhaps 500 committed printers worldwide* and only a handful in Europe. I was very sad to hear that we have lost one of our rising starts, my friend David Chow, who died…Continue Reading →